samedi 17 novembre 2012

DESIGNS 2 by Fabien Ayih Della Robert FADR (KH&FADR)

DESIGNS 2 by Fabien Ayih Della Robert Contemporary Artist FADR (KH&FADR)

LUXURY HOTEL Architectural/Design CONCEPT " THE CASTLE " of Malou & Victor WILCOX de Longpré by FADR (KH&FADR)

CONCEPT& Global description of a Luxury Hotel
FADR create a story, an history of a Dream's Luxury Hotel 
dream a space with an history  to develop a style, an architectural concept, approaches with feeling entrepreneurial mixed with technical innovations , architectural ideas to enter with you in :
"The Castle of Malou et Victor Wilcox de Longpré "
Enter with me in this Dreaming Castle 
I dream this Hotel , a dreaming hotel , and discovered the Victor's room, the Malou's room, the Luc's room, the Olympic Shanghaï's salon, the up and down private Kitchen, the "boudoir", the " fumoir", "les jardins suspendus "....
The original professional space